A short history.

Mission Statement

The purpose of Dane Court Radio is to provide students with an opportunity to work within a media environment in addition to providing the school's population with entertainment, news and information which will ultimately build up community spirit.

Pupils working in the radio station will have the opportunity to express themselves and use their artistic talent.

The radio station aims to provide many pupils, who have an interest in media and technology, a great outlet for their extra curricular energies. The radio station also aims to highlight the schools innovation and talent to a wider community whilst at the same time keeping the school's population entertained and informed.

Many pupils get very excited about the prospect of listening or being involved in some capacity while all teachers offer support when they can.

James Van Hinsbergh 2008


Dane Court Radio was founded in 2008 by James Van Hinsbergh, providing students and teachers at Dane Court with frequent podcasts containing the latest news and providing the school with some entertainment. In early 2010 it evolved into a live network-based radio station that was only available in the school. James pushed for new agreements within the school and established live daily broadcasts to be played in the heart and throughout the school during the early morning and lunchtime periods. This continued successfully until 2012 after James had left the school as the radio was unable to find a new station manager.

The radio lay dormant until September 2014 when there was a big effort to restart DCRadio. With a new workforce and station manager, radio resumed live daily broadcasts. In 2016 the team organised the first Radio Activities week, organised by the then Station Manager William Clark-Steel. This led to the creation of two new departments: Podcasts and Drama.

Since that activities week, Dane Court Radio has organised two further activities week and included over 150 people in workshops, taster sessions and other Radio related activies. DC Radio has also been a presence at such school events as Sports Days, open evenings and all events that require a musical playlist. Despite overseeing this development, of the school, the station and the individuals, Will maintains that his best contribution to DCRadio was the Hoodies he ordered in 2015.

Will left Dane Court Radio in 2020 when his time as a student at the school also ended. He left the station in the capable hands of Alfie and Ben, the handover for which had been planned over a period of years,

Currently, the ultimate goal of Dane Court Radio is to broadcast to the world over the internet while continuing to entertain the school through both live and recorded content, ideally doing so from a new studio.

The Team

Members of the Dane Court Radio work tirelessly to play the best music, ask the questions you want the answer to and showcase the musical talent of students within the school. There are a wide variety of roles within Dane Court Radio from coding in HTML to performing a pop song live on air, from being on the decks to configuring a server. If you want to get involved, email alfie.stocker@dcradio.org.uk or contact Mr S Lycett

Alfie Stocker Station Manager 2017 - Present
William Clark-Steel Station Manager 2014 - 2017
Mr S Lycett Supervising Staff Member 2010 - Present
James Van Hinsbergh Founder, Station Manager 2008-2012
Mr A Wood Supervising Staff Member 2008 - 2010